Wednesday, October 1, 2008


You may recall we went to the Circus. It was last Wednesday. Ringling Bros. Barium and Bailey Greatest Show on Earth. This pregnancy has made me a big activist for Elephant rights, their social interactions fascinate me. I really didn't research the people against the circus, but the circus website sure sold me. I like that the circus people have breeded 20 babies successfully, apparently baby elephants born in captivity rarely survive. (Yes, I realize I said I was an activist and liked what the circus told me, it was a joke, but I do like happy elephant stories this pregnancy and sad ones make me want to cry.) Which means I didn't believe the protesters outside, because when we saw the elephant up close he or she looked so pretty and well taken care of, plus I read this. Well maybe not pretty, their funny long peach fuzz hair makes me laugh, but huge and neat and well taken care of.
Here is all of us. My son really liked the circus. My husband said it was fun, but it was too much of a musical for him. I could see his point, I expect less song and dance numbers and more animals.
We really didn't many more animals, than elephants, one porcupine, dogs, horses, two goats, and... tigers.
Here are the clowns.Like I already said, my son enjoyed the circus, but he is a very serious kid so most of the show he was very straight faced. He didn't crack a smile until the elephants came out and I said is there a baby down there? (It wasn't actually a baby but it was smaller than the rest.) And he finally let out a huge smile and said yeah!This is what he looked like until the elephants, do you see those creases above his eyebrows. The above picture made me sad, my baby boy doesn't look much like a baby anymore. I said that to my husband during intermission at the circus, and he said, he isn't a baby anymore. Seeing that, that comment made me sad, he then said, that is why you are about to have a new one. It was a fun time had by all. We got home very late for a boy who decided to skip his nap earlier in the day. My son tries to skip his nap about once a week, and it is making his mommy very worried. For at least another year I will have the rule he has to go lie down in bed and either suck his thumb or read books. He didn't want a nap one day, and I knew he was tired so I told him he just had to do one for a few minutes, he was out for 3 hours after that. By the way, I'm not trying to force him to be a baby, he cries way too much for either of his parents to effectively deal with him if he doesn't take a nap, or at least go lie down and suck his thumb.

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