Monday, October 27, 2008

growing up

My grandfather gives a word of advice to new parents, "Don't teach them to walk or talk." Most of the time I totally disagree, first off, I doubt he wants to be in charge of his three grown adult children's every need, especially since the oldest is 60. (I do know he is joking.) Like today when my son decided he wanted to wear jeans instead of the easy potty trained sweat pants. I warned him they might be hard to pull off, an hour later I found him in the bathroom finishing his duties with no problem with jeans. Yeah, for big boys is what I thought. But then later I decided I agreed with my grandpa. I don't know about this growing up business. My son pulled a chair into the kitchen, climbed up, got a mini box of fruit loops, took it to the table, opened it up, pulled out the bax, broke the down the box, put the box in recycling, got a bowl, a spoon, and started to open up the fridge to get the milk. Since when does my baby have so much automony?! I don't know I feel about this. My husband would say, he isn't your baby anymore, that is why you are pregnant. He hasn't been your baby for a long time. In response to stories like this, my father will say, what you didn't expect to him to grow up? I think I agree with my sister's answer, I did, I just didn't expect it to happened this fast.

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