Monday, October 6, 2008

land line

We have now had a home phone for about two months, since we moved into this house. This is the first time I've ever had a home phone since I got married. I hate it. It is not worth the $10 for a land line. I drives me nuts, no one I ever want to talk to calls me on it, and it rings all day long. I was trying to sell something on craigslist and I took it off, because I got sick of people calling me. We also haven't taken our name off the no call list, and since 90% of america has, we exact same telemarketers calling ever day at the exact same time. My son loves when they call because he gets to talk to them. Apparently the person that had our number before us had terrible credit. Not to mention, he hasn't told any of his friends he got a new number. The other day I got a call saying, this is the last notice that your factory warranty is about to run out. I told him husband I might believe them that my car had a factory warranty if that wasn't the 25 time they told me it was my last notice. As it is, there is no factory warranties on our cars. Long story short I hate my land line. If it wasn't for the fact that our cells our long distance for ward members up here, I would cancel the phone line immediately, I still might consider it, because my husband uses skype for work, and every person but one, that I have to call for visiting teaching has a long distance cell phone number.

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  1. When we got a land line in Oakland, from the very minute it was hooked up, we started getting telemarketer calls. So I hooked up a phone with caller ID and an answering machine... but then we had to listen to the phone ringing, run to try and look at the ID, and wait for the answering machine to answer... and it was all a bunch of noise for no reason. Plus caller ID was like an extra $4!
    But we needed a phone line for DSL, so I turned off all features on the phone, got the most basic level of local phone service, and we unplugged and hid the phones.