Friday, October 10, 2008

My bed

I love my bed, it is mine and my husband's, not my children's. I learned early on as a mother, I hate having a third member in my bed. My son rarely slept in my bed as an infant, he would eat and then go back into his bed. It was amazing, it took a lot of work, but by the time he was 9 months he was sleeping on his own, through the night. I loved it. Occasionally that didn't always happen, I recall a few nights when my son woke up and was scared for whatever reason. I would hold him for over an hour trying to rock him to sleep in a computer chair. Seems like some work, but it was worth it to get an full 8 hours to sleep without him 99% of the time. I totally think it was worth it, to teach him to put himself to sleep as a young baby. But now, he is in a big boy bed, and is spending most of his life being fussy for whatever reason, I am tired, and pregnant. Recently, my bed has been shared more than I like to admit. My plan was if my children woke up in the middle of the night, I would go back into their room with them, until they fell asleep, but when my son wakes up at 5:30 and comes out of his room, I don't have the energy. He gets in my bed with my husband and I, and sucks his thumb. I can't believe I've given up so early, I like to believe in another 6 months from now, I won't be so lax. Who knows?! I really do not want 4 people in 5 square feet of my house for half the night once the baby comes. If my son woke up at midnight, I would go in his room, but when he wakes up at 5:30 I don't have the energy to get in his bed for two more hours of sleep. Here is the problem, my son doesn't sleep with blankets, he still sleeps in sleeper pjs when its cold. So to get in his bed, I have to get warm pjs and a quilt before getting in his bed. Here is the other reason I've become lax, when he was a baby I couldn't sleep if he was in our bed, I was scared to death he would be smothered by blankets, or my husband or I would roll over him. Then he got bigger, and he was too kinetic of sleeper, rolling around in circles, body slamming my husband or I, it was just plain annoying and I couldn't sleep with him. Now he has sort of grown up, he just lies in between his parents, cuddling up between us, and once I fall back asleep, I don't even notice him. And since I'm pregnant, and tired after chasing him around during the day, I sleep like a rock at night, never even moving.


  1. Have you ever read Baby Wise? Its an awesome book- my pediatrician recommended it, Corgan was sleeping through the night at 2 months. Its totally worth every penny.

  2. You are going down a slippery slope...just kidding, I bet your boy is just in need of some quality attention because he can sense a major change coming to his world. When the next kid comes you and your husband will be sleeping with the kids and your own bed will go unused.

    But what I can't get over is that your boy doesn't sleep with a blanket. That is so odd.

  3. He sleeps with a blanket that he sucks his thumb with, but not a blanket for warmth. He kicks it off or refuses to use it in the first place.
    Yes I read Babywise, my child was eating maniac and was hungry too much to sleep through the night that young. He started sleeping 6 hour stretches at 3-4 months, but he was around 9 months before he could go without food at night. He would way up ravished and then fall right back asleep.
    I think technically 6 hours is sleeping through the night, but I did have to get up at 2 to feed him. So he wasn't sleeping through my night.

  4. I like my babies close by but not in my bed. I put the crib right up next to my bed and throw them in after they eat. It doesn't always work, but I'm too impatient/tired/lazy in the middle of the night to do anything about it. this new baby sleeps the best out of all my kids so far, I hope it sticks. When the older kids wake up I send my husband into their room to deal with them.

  5. I keep my baby in a bed next to my bed for the first couple of months. But then once their sleeping noises keep me up enough to drive my husband crazy, we moves them into a different bedroom. (When the sleeping noises keep me up, I keep waking up my husband up to ask him if the baby is ok.)