Monday, October 20, 2008

Lots Random Thoughts and Updates

  • Last week in Lamaze we talked with our spouses what we thought the baby was going to act like or look like. Brent said, I haven't even thought about it, I don't think I've realized you are about to have a baby. I said well, I'm glad you realized you have yet to internalize this, because I've been wondering when it was going to happen.
  • Since then, all of sudden my pregnancy has turned into our pregnancy. Sure my husband has had to deal with all my complaints over the last 7 months, but now he is finally getting excited and nervous about a new kid. The other day, I telling my son where to put his hand to feel his baby sister and my husband came over to share in the fun. I am so excited everyone in my family is into the pregnancy now. I hate when anyone touches my stomach except my husband or son (assuming he is touching baby sister and not elbowing me). Brent was always rubbing it with Josh's pregnancy but before last week rarely did it, now all of sudden Brent is being the husband I remember with Josh's pregnancy. Its all very exciting to me.
  • Even though he had yet to internalize it, I wasn't worried about Brent being a parent to his daughter before a week ago anyway, because its one think I know about Brent is he adores his nieces. As it was apparent to me this weekend, when we were hanging out with the clan. When we are around the big family, he is always taking pictures of his nieces and telling me afterward how he thinks his nieces are some of the cutest little girls he has ever seen. I have been well aware since two nieces were born a month and two months after Brent's son, that Brent would love being a father to a daughter. Not to say he doesn't love being a father to a son. (I wish this picture would have been in focus. These two were so cute sitting on the hill. Not to mention, I think this cousin, looks the most like my son out of all his cousins, so pictures of them are always fun. She is over a year younger than him, but since we have moved closed to her and her parents my son has done such a good job of playing with her, I think. It makes me proud.)
  • Speaking of this weekend the whole reason we saw everyone was the baby blessing of the newest niece. I thought great, Jobo will see his cousin's baby sister. In fact I told him the reason we were going there was to see E___'s baby sister. At first he wanted nothing to do with the baby. By the end of the weekend he still wanted nothing to do with her, but he would at least look at her, and he did agree with me that she was cute and sweet. Part of this was concerning to me, since I thought this would be great practice for when he saw his baby sister. But then again there was a lot going on and he was really shy (for himself) for the first half of the weekend, so I can't really compare this weekend to his future in the slightest. The positive thing he is did nothing mean to the baby, I would rather an older sibling ignore the new baby, then hit the new baby.
  • My mother in law told me to tell him, when the new baby comes it is his new baby. I said oh I'm already doing that, I always refer to the baby as his baby sister. In fact I do this so much, when I am talking to my husband about the baby, I call her baby sister, even if our son is not around. That is her name for now 'baby sister'. I always have a hard time calling brand new babies their names, so its a good possibility that for the first few weeks of her life I will call her baby sister. I called my son, just 'baby' for a few days/weeks, until the name we had picked out months in advance grew to to be apart of the new human.
  • My son was very sad to leave the fun of cousin's this weekend. Not only was it none stop fun, it was none stop rotting apples on the ground for the toddlers to pick up. Potty training went through the window this weekend, he was in pull ups the whole time after the first night. But he seems to have come back home without skipping a beat, totally back fine with potty time. I've reinstituted the potty treats he forgot about, about a month ago. Anyway, he was sad to leave, half way home he started to cry randomly, I asked him if he was crying because he had to leave his cousins, he said yes, through the sobs. At first I found this very sad myself, but then I remembered I was the same way with cousins or friends, so this is just a fact of life for him to realize, he'll get over it in about 10 years. Mind you I did try to be sympathetic to his sadness.
  • This is why in the long run he will be happy to have a baby sister, in about 6 months from now when she can play with him. He will love her, I have been noticing over the past few months how much he needs a sibling around to be his best friend. In fact I told him this in the car, that he needs a baby sister to be his best friend. Before our little conversation I don't think he knew baby sisters could be best friends. I can't really tell him from experience, since neither my husband or me have baby sisters. But I was a baby sister, and I like to believe my older siblings enjoyed playing with me. Not to mention I spent most of my life playing with my baby brother, and my husband is a baby brother, who also spent most of his life playing with his older siblings, and younger for that matter. Sure when you are a child you would rather play with non related friends, but I can guarantee that I played with my brothers way more than any other friend, and I'm still in contact with my brothers unlike most of my friends.
  • Part of me would feel a tinge bit of guilt that he had to wait 3 years for this, but then I remember its not my fault. Once I remember that, I go back to feel so relieved my child is potty trained and talking before the next infant comes.
  • Seven weeks left, I'm hoping I get the whole 7 weeks, and she does not come early.


  1. Jobo will be a wonderful big brother.

    How exciting for you guys!!!

    And about the tummy rubbing thing, that happened to me all the time when I was pregnant!
    I was like, I'm not Buddha, you can't rub my belly for luck!

  2. As a woman without kids, when I see a pregnant belly I am immediately drawn to the large protruding mass. Despite my disbelief in most superstitious things or religious charms I just KNOW that if I rub the pregnant belly I WILL be blessed with fertility. Don't ruin our only contact with that hope. Bare your bellies and let us be given hope.

  3. Kim, you are the only other person I allow to touch my belly. I remember you patting it during my first pregnancy. But hopefully I can keep it covered up during the patting, unlike when my doctor looks at my belly or when my son.

  4. Holy crap, why did we have to squish together so much for those family photos? Were they just trying to fit as much of the yard as possible into the photo?