Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Church Multitasking

My husband showed me this. Its the Church's Publications in Compressed Audio Format. It could be very useful for multitasking. To listen to while I'm sewing or something. I've had plans to read Jesus the Christ, by Talmage since I didn't serve a mission. I personally think my husband should listen to the Joseph Smith Lesson he has to give every month a few times. Then again maybe I should, since I'm behind in the lessons.

By the way as an update
Brent has two callings, Third Sunday Elder's Quorum Teacher, which means he teaches Teachings of the Presidents of the Church, once a month. He is also emergency preparedness leader/coordinator whatever it is called. We were pretty sure he was going to get that calling when we moved in, so we were really caught off guard when he was asked to be a teacher. Two weeks later the Bishop asked him to do Emergency Preparedness, right after we stopped expecting it. The bishop asked if two callings was too much, I said no way, these will take up far less time than Scout master did. Then later I thought, how could you tell the bishop yes, he spends way more time each week, then will be required of Brent each month.
They called me back to the senior Primary girls. Yes, I'm activity day leader again, although they call it Faith in God leader. I couldn't believe, I started laughing when they asked me to serve. (Literally I did, I was not expecting it.) I don't know if that means I failed in my last ward, so I need another shot. If I succeed so I need to do it again, or if my time was just not up. I feel so unqualified to be with girls 8-11 years old. I don't remember what it was like, and I don't have a daughter yet, nor do I have a child that old. I just barely felt like I was getting the hang of things about two months before we moved so this will be good. But I still can't figure out why the girls in my last ward liked me. I honestly was surprised when they were sad that I was moving. In a moment of anxiety two sundays ago I said to my husband, I'm not good with this age group. He said yes you are, as long as no one stops coming because of something you did you'll be fine. He said you never yelled at them, I said well I did to one girl (not really yell, told her off) but I think she liked me more afterward. He said of course she did, they aren't looking for a friend, they are looking for an adult to lead them. Anyway, he seems to think I can do my calling. I also feel a little more qualified after being set apart and sustained. I was never sustained in my other ward, so it took me a while to get over the hurddle of not feeling like the ward supported me in the calling, although I'm sure they did, I just didn't get the visual verfication. After being set apart, I realized that with the girls is where I'm suppose to be for now, and it will provide blessings for my family. There are only two active girls in this ward, so we'll see if that makes it easier or harder.

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  1. Micah and I team teach primary. You two are way more involved in your ward then we are. Good for you!