Friday, December 31, 2010

Should Have a Witty Title

I never met any of my husband's grandparents, they all passed away before I was of legal age and before I met my husband. So I know nothing of any of them other than stories.  And stories are just that stories.  But I do have to say, I think one of the reasons I married my husband was so I could be related to his paternal grandparents.  Weird you may say.  True it is.  But remember a few months ago my post about cheese.  I don't like cheesy romance, I like decades of commitment.  Which is why I think the most romantic story that could ever be told about someone is for two people to be married the majority of their life than die from causes of old age within a year of each other.  Which is why I like my husband's paternal grandparents.  His grandma passed away on a holiday or a birthday right before my husband went on his mission, and his grandpa died a few months later on a birthday or a holiday.  As you can tell I don't know the details of the story, but I just like the story for the sake of the story.  Sometimes when I can't sleep and I'm thinking about how awesome my husband is, my delirious not sleeping thoughts drift to love story of his grandparents old age passings.  In my delirious not sleep induced thoughts, I've decided if and when my husband and I reach old age if I died first my husband would either remarry within two years, or die within a year of me. Which is so very romantic of him, the dying that is, not necessary the remarrying. While he if died first, it would take me a few years.  I would intend to follow him quickly, but I would get distracted and forget what I was suppose to do.  Often like when he goes to bed before me, I plan to follow him within 20 minutes but then find myself tip toeing in the room two to three hours later. So yes, now you know one more deep part of my soul, the planning of Brent and I's death love story.  Death love stories are so romantic when they happen at 75+.
And for your viewing pleasure here are his grandparents. What do you think does he look like either?
I definitely see the family resembles between my father in law and his siblings, and his parents.  I can also see the family resembles between my husband and his dad but I'm not sure how much is.

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