Monday, December 6, 2010

Presents and Hubs

My son is particularly influenced by commercials, better known as "mercials", so every time there is one about a man buying a woman a piece of heart shapped jewelry, he turns to his dad and says, we should buy one of those for mom.  Since I like encourage my family in holidays, and J was so proud of his Spiderman House Game he bought his dad for father's day, I told my husband to let him pick out an inexpensive piece of jewelry for my christmas present.  Yesterday I opened my purse and found Kohls Cash, that was expiring that day.  I told my husband to take it and take our son, he didn't know where Kohls was, so I went with them, since I had a return.  When I finished, I went to check on my boys, they were doing very bad.  Brent couldn't get my son away from the neon plastic jewelry.  So I had to help them pick out my own present.  The only thing J and I could agree on was, a watch.  He didn't actually like it until I pointed out it had golden on it, and dimes (diamonds). Brent was entirely miserable, I felt bad that I had asked him to help our son, but then realized that there was other way that would turn out.
I don't say this to complain about my husband, I appreciate the effort.  Its the thought that counts right?  Brent said the only think he could find that wasn't ugly was a necklace with a little starfish on it, until he looked at the price, it was 70% off, but still $50, since it was 14k gold.  Anyway, I thought it was sweet, he found a necklace for me even if he didn't buy it.  Although I wish he would have.

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