Sunday, December 19, 2010

Guilty Pleasure

Ah, how TV binds us together. My sister introduced me to, "Say Yes, to the Dress." Come to find out a few of my sister in laws also watch it, on both sides. Gotta love Netflix. That is not the embarrassing point of the post, the embarrassing point, is it makes me think about my wedding dress purchase.
First off, I thought I was spending a fortune on the dress, but boy in comparison, my mom bought both my sister and I's dresses for less than half of a cheap dress on the show.
Second, I was with my sister when she was trying on dresses, and it was fun, I'm glad I was there, I still remember, it was all quite fun. Her experience was much more like the show than mine. I didn't have a sales woman pick and pull dresses for me. But hers was super fun experience, but I'm not quite sure the story is best suited for my blog.
Mine was slightly lonely, she was not at mine, and I didn't think any thing of it, she was on the other part of the country. My mom flew out to look with me, I wanted her to, and it was just her and me. Except was it, she was only out for a weekend and I didn't want to miss a moment, so I took my fiancée shopping before she came out, so I could narrow down what I liked. None of my friends showed any interest in being with me, (its kind of hard to get married at 20). But our small college town had a few wedding boutiques and so I took my fiancée, whether he liked it or not. I didn't care about tradition, or superstition. The first dress I tried on I knew I really liked.
Once my mom came, I made her travel around the entire northern part of the state with me going to bridal stores. (Unfortunately I never went to Peg's on State Street in Orem, come on y'all remember the scary manacain in the sky). After traveling the whole state, I found the dress I first tried on in another store. It was the dress I wanted, so we went back to my college town and bought it, they gave us a slight discount. I loved it, and I still love it even if I sold it. When I watch the show, all the dresses I like have similar characteristics; I just love minimal ruching. I also loved the small amount lace on mine,
and that it was underbustled. I've also learned something, I thought my sister and I had ball gowns, turns out we had A lines.
I've been wedding dresses shopping three times, myself, my sister and one of my sister in laws who got married two months after me.  I feel honored she picked me but I'm sure it had more to do with location than anything else. But still honored it was just me and her. (Sorry I have no pictures from her wedding.) I'm sure I'll never be wedding dress shopping again until one of my daughters get married. And even though when I first started watching the show I felt bad I didn't have friends to go shopping with me, now I realize after watching the show, friends are usually not helpful.

P.S. Nothing like being sick and having nothing to do other than nap, watch Pride and Prejudice and Say Yes to the Dress.

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  1. Kathryn got engaged shortly before me. I went out to Arizona with another sister and my mom to help her dress shop. (Funny story: I actually got engaged the week before going out there, so I started shopping for myself too.) The four of us shopped all over the Phoenix area. It was a lot harder outside Mormondom. There are not nearly as many modest dresses.

    I fell in love with one of the first dresses that Kathryn tried on. We saw it again two stores later and she convinced me to try it on since I liked it so much. She didn't love it like I did. I tried it and dozens of others. In the end, I came back to Provo Center Street and bought that same dress. Ashley came with me to make sure it was the "right one" and to help me pick veil or tiara. Then I went to get it fitted later. Ashley came again, along with my friend Megan. You are right. Friends don't help much. They're just there to boost your ego a bit. Tell you how pretty you look, etc.