Saturday, December 25, 2010


It was so great to read christmas posts, because there is no way to spend christmas with everyone, so I was glad I got every detail of Alisa and Kelli.  That sounds rude, but its not.  So then I thought I should post about mine, but I'm not uploading pictures. At least not now.
First off I think my husband is super dreamy, and I'm not just saying that because he bought me a nook for Christmas.  But it helps, I won't lie.  
Second off, Christmas Eve is super fun, and it only gets better once the kids go to bed. I ABSOLUTELY love doing santa.  I've spent Christmas with my parents the last three years and every year my dad laughs at how much I do.  I really do not think I give them too much, just the way I stuff stockings, and set up all the stuff.  Its my absolute favorite part of the holiday.  
I woke up at like Kelli time frame, ok not that early.  About 4:30 then 5 ish, and at that point Nan was up, and my mom got her.  A few minutes later J woke up wanting to go downstairs, we tried to ask him why, and all of sudden he lied down and rolled over, and slept for 15 more minutes, when we then went and had all the fun.  But half way through opening presents around 11:30 I always get a little depressed, and I think all this for this?!  
Then I take a nap and life goes on.  But I didn't take a nap until after dinner so I got mad at my mom's tablecloth a few times.  Anyway, Christmas was great, and I love doing Santa.  Nannie knows who Santa is and was trilled, and J was awesome too.  It was so great, I love it.  
But this is all just sort of lame, because there are no pictures. Christmas is great, and a blog post doesn't do justice.

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  1. We miss you! And all the cousins running around in matching jammies! And how quickly the boys sprinted up the stairs together.

    Hope you had a Merry Christmas!!