Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mary and Snowmen

For Family Home Evening I have to say my niece Mary won. We were going over the Navity story last night, and I asked who is Mary? My son's responsed my cousin! Correct, but not the Mary we're looking for. We learned about the story, we then drew pictures of the Nativity and lastly we made marshmallow snowmen for our treat.

One last story, we asked what is the most important part of Christmas?  The four year old response was when Jesus and Santa Claus were babies.  Dad said well no one knows for sure when Santa Claus was a baby but we do know about Jesus we have a book about him called the Bible, so we are learning about Jesus tonight not Santa Claus. But in my movie... (Here Comes Santa Claus). 


  1. If you think it's confusing for J, it's even worse for Mary herself. "Who's the mother of Jesus?" "ME!"

    But that is so, so cute what J said. Melts my heart.