Sunday, December 5, 2010


Today I was singing Christmas songs out of the hymn book.  I sang, "The cattle are lowing".  Brent turned to Nan and said something to the effect, what noise do the cattle lowing make?  She responded, "moo moo"
It was terribly hysterical!  We clapped and laughed for her.

Nan would be classified as a "late talker", other than Mama, Daddy, baby, and yay!, she is pretty mute.  Sure I have a whole page of words she can say, but choses to say is different. All her friends her age can pretty much hold a conversation while she says, "huh!" "huh!"  We know she comprehends a lot and has for over a year, but its nice to get reassurances that even though she isn't talking she isn't mentally slow.  How she knew cattle are lowing meant cows mooing is beyond me.  But believe me it was not accident, she never talks out of accident, when does occasionally utter a word is very intentional.

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  1. Brilliant children are hilarious, but can be difficult. Best of luck with TWO geniuses!