Monday, December 13, 2010

Updates for my family

First off, I want to share to any of my siblings who read my blog and my parents that our musical number in church on sunday was someone singing, "Lord of the Dance" although they had it titled "Bethlehem Dance" and of course there was no brass accompaniment, bells, actual dancing or swinging cloth.  In all my life would have never expected to hear it in church, but it was actually very nice. She did a very good job, had perfect pauses and accents to make it meaningful.

Second for all you who might read this but are not on facebook, both of my younger female cousins are engaged as of the last few days.  I have a female cousin on both my father and my mother side and they are now facebook official. I always hate to be late on the gossip so I thought I would share.
The only other info I know is, one is planning on March in the Mesa Temple, and the other one a few weeks ago told me in a very vague this is not official, but one day in the distant future I plan on going home to the DC temple. You know it was one of those conversations, where I wanted to say, ohh, bouncing up and down, when do you think you will get engaged?!!! But decided to refrain myself, because I was a very strict I AM NOT engaged until my boyfriend officially asks me and gives me a ring.  I refuse to make plans, and do not call him my fiancĂ©e. Don't even ask me if I plan on marrying him unless you are my parents or sistser.
I just wanted to share their good news with the rest of my family, because I've very happy for both of them, but know they are not calling all of their cousins, because I did not call all mine, I don't think I called any for that matter, does that mean I'm a bad cousin?  I sent invitations to them!

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