Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Future Car

I always felt slightly squished with my Subaru since my daughter was born, I miss having a spare seat. But have always said I'm not going to upgrade until I get a minivan and I'm not ready for a mini van.
My husband has never wanted a mini van, but figured I'm the one driving it.  But then a few days I ago I was annoyed I didn't have an extra seat belt, it would make play dates way easier if I had an extra seat belt, plus I could fit my parents in the car with my family of four.  Then I saw I highland drive by, that would be a nice car, not huge like a minivan but would give me some extra seats occasionally.  We are NOT buying a new car, Highland or not anytime soon.  But ah to have a dream I'm excited about.
I told my husband this, and he said finally.  I hate mini vans, and don't want to buy one, I would much rather buy an SUV.
I said yes, but I have the false thought that SUVs are bad gas millage.  While this is true, a mid size SUV has better gas mileage than a mini van because its a smaller sized car.  Although I know this is true because I've seen the stats I can't really get it through my mind.  All of this is a relief its nice to be unified in my dreams with my husband.  Its also nice to know we are not going to be buying a mini van in a year or so.

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