Monday, December 20, 2010

We Passed!

Back in September I took my kids into some over due well child visits. During the visit the doctor spent a half an hour talking about my daughters lack of speech.  At the time she was only saying mama, and I wasn't even convinced she knew it was my name, although I didn't share that with the doctor. He told me she needed to be saying 10 words by her birthday or she needed to go get tested. I asked what do you mean by 10 words, she has said more than 10 different words? He asked consistently?  My response was oh. Which actually was more problematic in my opinion, she was saying more words at one point, and dropped had dropped the words a few months ago.
As we prepared for our next visit, I felt like I was preparing for a final exam.  We had spent four months (the length of a semester) encouraging her to speak in many different ways, we had drive 40 minutes multiple times to go to a 2 year old speech class at Aunt Danna's.  I knew she had made progress but would the doctor agree?  Would we pass?!  I had filled up a sheet of paper with words she had said, song she knew the actions and sign language signs she uses, to prove my point.
Good news is we passed.  The doctor didn't actually think there was anything wrong with her, he told me in September that other than speaking she seemed advanced for her age, with interacting, and fine motor skillsm but she needed to be speaking. So he didn't actually require much convincing.  Luckily!
But the best part of the visit is he likes to predict how tall children will be as adults based on their size now.  My daughter current is 33 1/2 inches tall which is 41% which was a huge jump from August she was 31 1/2 inches which was 17%.  She weighs is 23 3/4 lbs which is 13%, which means she is teeny!  So based on her percentiles he told me she would be 5'4" but since I'm so tall she'll be at least 5'5". Which I think is fantastic!  Years ago I came up with a plan to marry a man with short sisters (no offense sister in laws) so my daughters wouldn't be tall like me.  And if you believe my pediatrician it might work! But he also said, she might get up to 5'6" depending on how old she is when she starts menstruating. Which I thought was fascinating, apparently a girl that starts at 14 is usually two inches taller than someone who starts at 12. Back in September when we were in he predicted my son to be around 5'8" which at first he was concerned about I said, not to worry if he follows his father's family history that would be a good normal height.  That being said I bet my children will be an inch or two taller than what he predicted because Brent was always so short growing up, and I was hardly tall until high school.  But at the same time I won't care if my children are shorter than me, mostly because there is nothing I could do to change it.  Lastly, I vowed not to mention this around J because the only thing worst than being shorter than your mom is being told you are going to be shorter than her and there is something wrong with that.  Which I don't think there is something wrong with that.  When it comes to height and bone structure you are who you are and there is nothing you can do to change that.

I've been laughing for a week, at the idea of Nan being a grown woman at 5'4", it so funny to me, to think of my daughter as an adult being 6 inches shorter than me.  (And to think when she was born I thought she was going to be taller than J.) HA HA HA, I'm still laughing at Nan 5'4", not that I think thats a funny height, just because I'm 5'10"
I should note, I'm not convinced my doctor's predictions are right.  I just think they are funny.

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  1. Predict height at their ages??? I've never heard of such a thing. I'll be interested to see how it works out. You've seen my mom, she's only 5'5". She was glad to see her children all outgrow her. I just assumed my kids will do the same one day. They may not though. I'm tall, but my siblings are mixed. Micah is VERY average, with average and tall siblings. My kids will be average or tall. That's my best guess.

    Remind me of this post in about 20 years. I really want to know how this turns out. Will your doctor also predict baldness? disease?