Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A few thoughts on my children and me

My daughter always thinks she is in charge.  She puts her coat away in her room, which means I can never find it when its time to go.  She has decided it belongs in her room.  Then when I said we need your coat she goes and grabs it, and refuses to put it on, but tightly holds it in her teeny hands.  She puts it next to her in the car, and when we stop, she grabs it and carries it with her.  I guess she will put it on when she deems it cold enough to put on.

I know you can't please everyone and I don't try.  But I just wanted to put it out there, I'm sure some people think I'm a strict parent, and other people thing we are lazy.
For example, my daughter can totally spill her cheerios all over the floor in church, and we just scoop them up and let her eat them again.  Gross I know, but still... I guess we are lazy.
But bedtime and wake time is non negotiable in my house.  When mom said its bedtime, you better start moving or heads are going to roll. I love my sleep so no one is allowed to expect me to mother them before 8 am, occasionally they can get me up at 7:45.  Naptime is Naptime, same goes, don't expect it over in less than 3 hours.
Food is much the same way, I don't buy treats in the store, and eat what you are served.  Everyone is expected to eat at least as many bites as they are old, more if they want a sweet treat afterward. But don't expect on every night.  Also you better not move while we are eating, no dancing around the kitchen when you are procrastination your dinner.
Don't expect a toy at the local box store because its not happening, they learn to stop asking.
When I tell you no, you listen.  By the time you are 10 months, it is unacceptable to touch a knick-knack in great grandma's house or anyone one's house unless they give you permission.
But at the same time, my daughter can walk in the snow without a coat, because its not the worth the fight.  She rarely wears shoes because she won't.  Life goes on, I love to be that mother in walmart with my child shoeless.   She isn't allowed to get out of the cart, but she allow to sit anywhere in the cart that she pleases. Yup, its awesome to see frost on all the cars, and see my daughters poke through the metal grates of the cart.
I'm sure my neighbor looked on it horror while I allowed her to play on the patio yesterday without a coat or shoes, the neighbors' kids were bundled up.  She didn't want them on, and it wasn't worth the fight. Just for the record it wasn't that cold yesterday all the snow has melted. But if its possible I think my daughter wears shoes less this winter then she did last winter, if that's possible.
Speaking of the lazy side of parenting, my son wore a dirty shirt to school today.  My mom would have been horrified, but he wanted to wear the shirt, and spilled his breakfast on it, I cleaned it up best I could.  But he wanted to wear it, so I let him.
Like I said depending on how you measure, I'm either really strick, or way lazy.  I don't even buy a box of fruit snacks a month, that how un-nice I am to my kids.
Just yesterday my mom told me how mean I was.  (She was joking.)  J was mad I wouldn't let him eat candy for lunch, so he kicked the boxes of mac and cheese on the ground.  Then I told him to pick them up. He wasn't happy with me. I didn't even give him a healthy lunch until he picked them up. How mean am I?

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  1. I think that's how parenting is supposed to be. Give and take, right? You want to keep your kids healthy and teach them solid principles to live by. Shoes and coats matter very little. Sleep matters very much!, what do I know? I don't have any kids.