Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It should be said

It should be said that I am in a toxic relationship with blogger.  So in the new year I plan on officially moving over to wordpress.  Unfortunately I have been busy and so it won't be a neat and tidy move come Jan 1st.  Actually that is probably fortunately that I'm too busy in the real world doing real activities to have my blog perfect. I spent a long time in the toxic relationship too lazy to leave, but the time has come.  I have to pay for more space, and if I'm going to pay I'm not paying for blogger.  Although currently I won't be paying anyone because wordpress has some free capabilities too.  At this point I'm only moving hapilly, because I can only handle so much.

I'm adding a part 2
I don't know when I will actually switch but its one of my goals for the new year.
I don't have much this new year, but I do want to learn how to cook granola.  Any one have a good recipes?!

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