Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Baby..

Turned 2!

Let it be said, I combed my daughter's hair before everyone arrived, I even tried to place a bow in it so her birthday pictures would look better, but she had none of that.  So her birthday pictures are keeping it real, scraggly hair and all.

 By the way it was a great party, lots of Brent's family came, it was so fun, my little brother and wife even braved Brent's family for their niece. It was so great, to have three of brent's siblings and families, and Nan's grandparents.  Unexpectedly she got 6 cousins at her party.  It was so fun, I was so glad so many showed up.


  1. Does Brent's family follow your blog? Will they be offended that Daniel had to "brave" their company?

    Like I said before, I can't believe how BIG your children are. I love N's scraggly hair. I had that at her age too, only I couldn't grow mine as long. It should thicken up round about age 3. :)

    (I'm on my sister's computer and I don't want to log her out.)

  2. Yes, they read my blog, and I'm sure they won't be offended, because they saw my brother at the party. He is very shy around them, he has spend a fair bit of time around them and he is always shy around them.

  3. Not to mention, by now after 5 years, if Brent's family doesn't know I love them and love to spend time with them they are crazy.

  4. Awww looks so fun! Happy birthday, N! I can't believe how much Isla is going to grow in the next year. Looking at N's photos always remind me of that. Crazy!