Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Even-though we pay my husband's tuition instead of putting money in my son's savings account, he got a savings account as a baby. Nan on the other hand... well she still didn't have one on her second birthday. So I made a conscious effort to not spend a lot on her birthday so I would set up an account for her. For months I thought about her savings account. I decided she really did not need much this year for her 2nd birthday, first off she would never remember her birthday. She already has a tricycle, a toy kitchen (as seen behind), a scooter, and a whole box full of babies. So I made her a present, made and bought her an $8 book, and paid for the present that J got her. It was a frugal birthday. So Monday morning, I congratulated my self control went online to set up her account. I told he I was setting her up a bank account. She got all excited. I asked do you even know what I'm doing? She said huh! and ran away, she came back with her piggy bank.

Apparently she did, she was so excited.

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  1. I love that she knew! I should totally do this for my kids. Do you use the USAA one? Do you put in at certain times or what exactly. I'd love to hear your ideas.