Thursday, December 30, 2010

Six Years

Happy Anniversary to me and my dreamy husband. Six years today ago my husband and I got married. It was quite the adventure to meet him, fall in love with him, not date him, date him, and then plan a wedding with him.  It was simply fabulous, the wedding that is, I was so trilled, and I would have never imagined the past six year would be as great as they have been.  I had no idea how much you could end up loving someone you thought you were totally in love with six years ago.  (That sentence probably doesn't make sense.) Here are my hands and rings six years later.

Here are my hands, rings, and bouquet on my wedding day.  Looking back one of the proudest decisions I made about my wedding, other than picking such a stellar husband, was the colors.  Looking back one of my favorite things was the blue and white and snowflakes.  December weddings are often red, and my white and blue help me feel more unique, even six years later.
When it came to planning a wedding, all I really wanted was to be married to Brent.  But apparently a lot of other people wanted a wedding to commemorate the event, so I put my heart in soul into planning the things I cared about, and left others sorely to their own devices to plan what my little 20 year old brain didn't care about.  Sorry, to all you out there that I neglected.
I cared about:
     1. Marrying Brent
     2. The pictures, and everything that involves
             a. the way I looked
             b.  my dress
             c.  my bouquet
             d.  my shoes
             e.  my rings
             f.  my accessories (like my rhinestone tiara/headband, no veil)
             g. the way Brent looked
             h. Brent's shoes

I got everything the way I wanted it, except for Brent's shoes, they were from his mission, and he is still wearing those dang awful shoes. I loved my bouquet, and the ribbon, my mother didn't like the ribbon but I loved it.  The only thing three things I would have changed were:  Brent's shoes, I should have picked out a solid color tie for Brent, but I didn't realize it at the time and I wish I had more pictures of my dress.  I knew I would eventually sell it, so I wish I had more fully body shots of the entire dress.  Oh well, the pictures I do have are great.

On a side note, I wanted to get married at the end of October I thought four months was a really long engagement, but Brent thought October was too soon.  I wanted an purple and orange wedding.  When I mentioned that to my mother the other day, she said, what?  I didn't know that, I'm glad you didn't have get married in October if you wanted purple and orange together.  The reason I mentioned that is I realized one day one of my children will get married in the fall to tease me into thinking I can live my dreams through them, but won't pick purple or orange for their colors.

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  1. I have plenty of full body pictures of your wedding dress. Would you like them??? ;)