Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday Night-- Culinary Masterpieces

Our schedule is always changing, but currently, we say goodnight to daddy on Tuesday and the kids then see him on Thursday morning.  Except on the Wednesdays when they wake up early for breakfast and see him.  He goes straight from work to school. Which means Wednesday nights are culinary masterpieces for me, we cycle between hot dogs, fried eggs, and Campbell's Chicken Noodle soup.  The cycle is heavy on the hot dog side.  My son's favorite way to eat hot dogs is microwave octopus hot dogs.  Oh yes its only fancy in our house. (It might have been possible to take a grosser picture.)
The taste sensation is not my original idea, I got it in a church activity at my mom's house.  The kids love though, and encase you think it looks difficult I'll tell you the steps.

  1. Throw your frozen bag of hot dogs from your discount warehouse store on the floor until two break off the ice block.
  2. Wrap your two frozen hot dogs in paper towels and defrost two minutes.
  3. Cut four legs (8 is too much work) until about an inch to the top.
  4. Poke a bunch of fork holes in the head, because you live in fear the top of the hot dog will explode and then you will have to clean your microwave.  
  5. Cook full heat for another minute.
Yup, that easy and that disgusting. If your kids are lucky you'll over cook their hot dogs and the legs will really look crazy.  Disgusting enough to eat it at least weekly.  (I do not eat microwave hot dogs.) I cook myself more respectable adult food.  But I'm just grateful that Nan no longer eats two hot dogs for dinner, now its about a half, thank goodness.

This is such a fantastic blog post, that I would consider making this a series, all the culinary Wednesday night masterpieces, but... there are only two options.  Fried eggs which are pretty self explanatory, if you need help try googling it or calling your mom.  Campbell's Chicken Noodle soup the directions are on the can.  So atlas this is first and the last in this wonderful series.


  1. Truly, a masterpiece. We've only ever done that with string cheese.

    I love that Nan eats her octopus with utensils.

  2. Start a series!! come on, you can think of other interesting foods for picky toddlers!