Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tea Party

My daughter absolutely loves the grinch doll all through fall and into winter, but the rest of they year she doesn't care. Today we had to dress grinchy in her jamies. Then she set up a tea party for him.
I gave them crackers for the snacks. She is very sweet, she puts it to his mouth to eat, then takes a bite for him, and puts it back on his plate half eaten. She is have a blast with her tea party with the table all arranged.
(I was asked to set up a table for Relief Society Activity-- a gratitude dinner in two weeks, and I was hoping not have to go buy decorations for the middle. I was exploring options when she decided that looked like the first date for her and grinchy. I have sabatier plates and bowls, but obviously I will bring some without a water stain on them.)


  1. Super cute!! Love the decorations to!

  2. Hey, I wanted to respond to your comment but didn't know if you'd see it if I responded on my blog.

    Yes, Peter used to skate before we got married. He was really into long boarding.