Saturday, October 16, 2010

Halloween Change of Mind

Its that time of year again.  Two months ago I decided on my children's Halloween costumes.  But its only two weeks away so its perfect timing, to follow tradition and change my mind.
But as in interjection, I have decided if will keep making my children costumes as long as they want me to, knowing it is inevitable, that they will want me to quit before I'm ready.  But if J wants to be spider-man or some other commercialization, than I will buy a polyester costume next year. This is a huge step for me.  One reason I'm now ok, is I realize just because we buy a costume one year, doesn't mean we won't make on the next.
Back to changing my mind...
 While I was discussing halloween with my mom, I realize more than wanting my children to match, I want Nan to be Red Riding Hood.  As a mom I only have two maybe three years of picking their costumes.  One year is already done, I decided to save myself, by not really making a costume. She was a cute cat though, with a black sock for a tail, if you closely you can see it behind her.  (I know its blurry, you try getting a tactile 10 month old to keep cat ears on.)
So that quite possibly leaves only this year.  I decided I would rather my daughter be red riding hood than match with her brother.  (Next year we have pink cowboy boots, so that year is taken, and by the time she is almost four I definitely don't get to pick.)  Anyway, so this year I have a ghost, and a soon to be red riding hood.  We even got a handme down dress the other day that will be perfect under the cape. If we go to a Halloween party, I'll dress up as an old lady, my husband a wolf, and our lonesome ghost child. The rest of us will be matching, and that works too.  The ghost of the old lady maybe? But then again, if we don't go to a party we won't dress up, other than our children of course.

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