Monday, October 25, 2010

Voting Early

My husband and I voted early today.  I love voting early its so much more pleasant than voting day. In the beginning of the month I started researched my choices, spent weeks deciding one of them, so I was waiting in anticipation to go vote early. But even after research, I left plenty blank on the ballot, because I think its stupid that we vote for judges on whether or not to keep judges, and refuse to vote.  I also think it dumb that we vote for things like county sheriff, county auditor, county clerk, etc.  I think those should be appointed positions, but apparently not everyone agrees with my political opinions which is why we elect them.  My children accompanied us, and got their "I voted early" stickers.  When my son asked what we were doing, I said voting, and teaching you to do your civil duty.


  1. Your state's system of appointing judges and then allowing a vote to retain is actually pretty neat. It allows for expert selection but adds some accountability to the people. I prefer it to straight judicial elections.

  2. I too prefer it to straight judicial elections, I realize the accountability it provides. I am over all just not for judicial elections, maybe if I was more informed on actually cases I might like it, but I don't think my voter pamphlet provides enough information to make an informed vote. I guess I'm a lazy american, because I don't research the judges on the side, so I don't vote either way for them.