Thursday, October 28, 2010

Overwhelmed and Tired

  • Today I was pretty excited to get to help out in preschool today, but apparently I was stressed.  I kept waking up during dreams where my hands were dirty. What does that mean?
  • I always have bizarre dreams either the night after or the night before co-op.
  • I love my son in preschool far more than I could ever imagine I would, but seriously. I like going into preschool to see what is going on, see my child excel, and bizarrely enough be more socially active than a lot of the kids.  I think the teacher is great with the kids.  I had never thought about it before this post, but I feel like a 15 year old as a sterilization assistant at the ortho again, when the teacher is asking me to do something.  
  • At one point in my dreams, I was in my hallway between my bed and my master bath, just staring at my disgusting hands.  After all those dreams with my hands covered in mud or something, I'm tired.
  • I am my grandmother's daughter, and I get disappointed when plans change.  I like to know what the day has in store and have everything scheduled.  I thought I handled the changed well today when I was expecting to watch the Middle on Hulu, but instead I went to the discount camping store without whining.  I don't know why we go to the discount camping store, we never ever find what we are looking for, and we just find more things that I didn't know I wanted that I want to buy.
  • Then my husband went to study group tonight, he was hoping to come home in time to eat a late dinner, I don't think that is happening tonight.  Good thing he likes eating raw granola with cold milk at night.  Anyway, the whole reason this is being written is because I'm lonely and pining over my missing of my husband.
  • I have a lot of sewing projects I want to do, but instead nothing gets done, more and more preschool art projects get piled up around my sewing machine, and the ironing board is covered in SO much stuff! 
  • And the desktop of my computer is almost entirely covered in stuff, like seriously I only have three rows empty.  I was trying to consolidate yesterday and something went terribly wrong and it only got worse over the day.  I'm overwhelmed, but luckily preschool is over.
  • But oh, my computer and my crafts are falling apart, and I want to be reading my book, but I wish I had the abridged version its so long and wordy-- but it is helping.

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