Saturday, October 30, 2010

Preschool Halloween

On Thursday I was the co-op mom for preschool.  I thought I was super lucky, because that was the Halloween Party day.  The kids wore costumes for the whole class, and I knew the teachers were dressing up, so I let J dress me up.

I think it should be said I had no idea how much I would love preschool.  I love that J goes happily and has friends, and tells me about what they do, and comes home knowing new things and is happy to share them with me.  I love the things I'm not expecting him to do, and he has been taught in preschool.  Honestly I think school is so great.  I love the structure it provides the whole family, and the time Nan and I have alone.  Oh I love preschool.  I think thing its great to go into Preschool and see what they are doing, and see J excel, and see him intereact with other children.  I also love that have a nice friend who offered to watch Nan for me, and watches Nan during the morning, every other week.  She has a daughter a day younger than Nan, and these two girls are hysterical together, they are like little 14 years in a two year old bodies, one of which doesn't talk. I love how happy Nan is to go to her friend's house.Seriously, I love preschool.  I had thought long and hard for many years about my children in education, discussed with my husband since before we dated about educating future children, preschool is not something we entered into lightly, I spent months maybe years antagonizing over it, and in the end really felt  like preschool would be the best for this child this year.  I knew it was right, but I didn't know how much I would LOVE IT! Seriously, its love.
At the end of Preschool they had a program for parents.  I knew I would already be there, but I asked J if he wanted his dad to try and take some time off work to come see it.  He did, then I asked he wanted Dad to come alone or bring Nan.  He wanted her to come, he thought she would really like it.  He can be so sweet. Dad and Nan came right on time not early with video recorders like some of the parents, so when J saw them come in his face lit up it was so fun.
Can I just say I loved every minute of the program it was so darling.  Yes I'm officially a cheesy mom, but honestly it was so awesome.  Especially J sitting there in his ghost costume with his two bloody bullet wounds.  He says they are from a sword fight, but it look to me like that ghost met a .45.  Like I said in a previous post, he is a fairly talented preschool singer.  I loved it.
P.S. I said I found it difficult to work for the teacher, which I do, but I still love preschool, and I think she is great with the kids, she's just weird when it comes to adults.

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