Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Farmer's Market

I just realized I haven't posted on here since Saturday. (Sometimes I think I might be outgrowing this blog, and only up keep my crafts.) Anyway, on Saturday we went to the Farmer's Market while Grammy was in town. J has been talking non stop about his preschool farmers market, they have set up in one corner of the room.  He buys stuff there everyday, but as far as I can tell the rest of the kids stopped after the first day. One day he came home with a caramel, and a fake mini pumpkin decoration, another day he had a caramel and real orange. Anyway, I wanted to show him a real farmer's market, since he loves the preschool farmer's market.  That is always what he calls it, the preschool farmer's market.  Unfortunately we didn't buy any produce, so he might have been lost in the whole experience, and it was the last Saturday for the year. But Grammy came through and bought him a balloon, while being the cheapskate that I am try to convince him to wait until we saw Aunt Melissa next. (I'm always amazed that he can keep track of his 60+ immediate relatives.)
We went to the farmer's market after the dinosaur museum, so he asked the clown for a t rex. His exhaustion after the museum might have also contributed to his being lost on the experience of the farmer's market.
Grammy also bought Nan a fairy costume at the arts and craft fair part of the farmer's market.  You think I would have used this for Halloween, instead of spending Monday making a little red riding hood costume, but I have plenty of years that this girly girl will want to wear a fairy costume, I'm going with what I want. She'll wear it for a few minutes, then get mad at the wings, and throw a fit, I'm glad to see it doesn't change her personality, because we love her and why would we want her any other way? She is darling though, and loves the wand.

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