Friday, October 22, 2010

blogger has a ridiculous uploader part 2

Grammy in the canyon part 2, or better known as blogger keeps screwing up their photo uploader a little more each time they schedule a maintenance for it, so I can't figure out how to get multiple pictures in the same post, so I resorted to four picture only post through picasa. 
Yeah that's a long title.  
I also can't figure out how to get my blog back to the original uploader.  I checked all the settings, and couldn't find it.  So I'll be honestly partly user error, mostly stupid blogger.  Are you hearing this blogger, or do I need to tweet it?
One day I'll switch to wordpress, I'm just not... something, updated enough.  I don't know.  I know, about Bloggers templates are hardly perfect they are what I have been use to for three years, and I don't like any of of wordpress's free templates. I don't really want to pay, I also don't really want to try to write my own template.
Anyway, part two of the pictures.

The women folk.

My husband playing around on his camera.
Cute almost two year old. Almost a full head of hair.
My family, unfortunately Brent has caught the hammond problem of closing his eyes in all pictures, or at least in all pictures we took with all four of us.

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