Thursday, October 14, 2010

Loving Preschool

On Tuesday when I came to pick up my son for preschool, he said he had a picture to take home, it wasn't in his cubby, so I went to ask a teacher.  It wasn't ready yet, but instead he showed me all the other stuff around the classroom.  He was very excited to show me the Preschool Farmer's Market.
Yesterday when I picked him up he had a bag, and said we got to buy stuff at the farmers market.  He bought  bread in the shape and color of a pumpkin, a grape and a caramel.  I was slightly confused, a grape?  I asked if everyone got pumpkin bread?  No, only one other kid. What did the other kids buy?  I don't know I don't remember.  When we got home I looked in the bag, indeed he got pumpkin bread (tastes like white), one grape, and a caramel.  One  real grape with one 25 cent sticker.  Got to love four year olds, I have no idea if it was his doing or someone else.  They crack me up.

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