Friday, October 1, 2010


I feel like I haven't been around much.  I have been around, just not blogging around.  I'm not sure what to post about these days, blogging has changed.  I no longer post about the things I posted about three years ago.  I also don't want just a mommy blog with just pictures of our day trips, which is what this is turning into.  I'm not so successful at posting my intermittent ramblings, because I can't get the coherent.  I have about 10 drafts of yadda yaddas that make no sense, or probably to personal to post on a blog.  Maybe not too personal, but I feel like I can see a cross roads in my future, and so I should be preparing which way to take, but yet I can't see what the intersection says so how can I prepare?  Not to mention maybe I'm growing up, I don't feel informed enough to post the way I did three years ago on my opinions, I'm either out of practice since I've been out of school so much or I've grown up and know I don't have all the answers, and I'm too tried to try to research them and try to find them.  Maybe I'm just enjoying Nan more, so I don't have time to type.
I'm missing my son, he is outside paying with his friends all day everyday, I never make cookies or cupcakes anymore because he isn't around to help me.  Sad, I guess children must grow up.  Although I understand children must grow up he is only 4.  I get frustrated sometimes, I feel like we need meaningful family time to teach and learn together, and he just rolls on the floor the house time whining because he wants to go play with his friends.  Now I'm sure that is normal for most four year olds, but he use to want to participate with us as a family.  Maybe that's why we camp so much so we have something to occupies our son during our family time.
Did I mention he cries because we make him eat dinner with us as a family, he wants to eat outside with his friends.  I tell him its tough to have a mommy and daddy that want to spend time with you.  I knew I was justified in that, but then I just reread Elder Hales's talk from last conference, his mom did the same thing, but not quite a spiteful comment.

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  1. Blogging has totally changed. I hate mine and really just post stuff for grandparents now. It's totally the boring mommy blog I never wanted it to become. I opened it up to too many people and now I don't feel like I can candidly talk on there. I need to do a new one and hand pick who I want to read it so I'll actually write again. I also don't feel like I have much interesting to say that isn't completely whiny and I don't want people to be totally depressed after reading everything I write.