Friday, October 1, 2010

Birthday Hike

Last week a girl we know invited our family to a breakfast she and her family was doing for a few families in the canyon on a Saturday morning. Brent said if we were going up there for breakfast we would go up the night before.  It was quite opportune, because we have wanted some where close to home.  By the time we got out of the car it hadn't even been 30 minutes.   
All the canyons close by are watershed, so you can't car camp.  Which is part of the reason I wanted to start backpacking as a family, so we could go on short Friday night trips. It was perfect where we found.
This is the hike we found.  We didn't plan ahead at all.
Hooray for four year olds who can take digital pictures.  Nan is here to prove, you can never look too fabulous to go camping.  She is high class in her halloween outfit.
J is such the hiking boy, and such a trooper.
We are slowly building up weight.  His pack is getting fuller, and he doesn't complain.  While Brent and I are getting better and decreasing our weight.  I didn't even feel like I was wearing a backpack, maybe a daypack.  On the way out I held Nan which is an extra 20 pounds, and didn't feel it at all.
Since it was September and we were in the mountains it chilled off quickly, and the kids were not happy.  Especially not J because he was wet from playing in the river.
But she did love her purple puffy coat, apparently she has missed the style this summer.
We put him in his jammies and I held them both, building up our body heat while Brent cooked our dinner.  Our second dinner we ate before we left no need to bring more weight.
In the morning Nan wanted to cuddle with her daddy, she loves to cuddle with him while we are camping.  Ha ha, she somethings crawls out of her sleeping bag at night and gets cold and throws a fit while I sleep and Brent shoves her in his bag. That night she didn't, she just cuddle in the morning.

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  1. I need to find someone like this brother (but unrelated to me) to marry. I am so jealous.