Sunday, October 10, 2010


I am not a homeowner, but I've spent plenty of time looking at RSL listings, (which is repetitive L stands for listing.) I am glad I'm not a homeowner yet, for various reasons that change almost every time we start looking to buy. Right now I'm not ready to settle down, but soon, I'm sure for one my son is now in school and needs some stability. Everything has its seasons, and this season is not homeownership..
I do have dreams of houses, wouldn't it be nice if my kids had a driveway to learn how to pedal their bike on?  Wouldn't it be nice if they had a backyard with shade to play in. And most of all it would be awesome to have a play house. But none of those dreams are synonymous with ownership, I could rent and get all that, luckily. I know there are places in the US where there isn't really a rental market, but I appreciate that there is here, and that I can rent in a complex and not worry about my neighbors, and my kids have other kids to play with.
I'm super behind in my Time magazines, and I just barely read the article on homeownership.  Nothing new there, I read articles about it all the time.  Like I said my husband and I have been looking at RSLs together since before we were dating. RSL are light reading for my husband. Sometimes I'm able to remain rational, and think of homeownership as an investment, because that is what it is. Still often it becomes emotional, I can imagine the play kitchen we will built, or the yard we will relax in. Those updated bathrooms and kitchens, boy do they get my heart racing. But once again those are not reasons for homeownership.
I recently read, to say 'buying a home is only an investment and shouldn't be emotional' is stupid.  Its a house its where you will live it is emotional.  Ok, I see her point, but I feel middle ground.  Its investment, I don't want to pay rent forever, rent always increases, eventually if you are wise and frugal, your mortage can be nice and stagnant even with repairs and such.  But at the same time it is emtional, I want to buy in a neighbor that is safe and has other kids, and that looks nice, and has green grass and tall trees. Yes, a house is an investment, LONG term investment.  But it is also emotional.  But financial soundness should come before emotion, at least in my opinion.

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