Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hooray he is singing!

My little boy use to always sing, then by February of this year he stopped.  I was worried, shocked, dismayed, everything below and above. He sang church songs, nursery rhyme songs, and his own melodies.  I tried to teach him songs to get him back on track, but he refused.  I stopped pushing, let it slide, instead worked on memorizing things this year (three scriptures, two talks, and a few little cutesy phrases). Then lately,  I noticed a return of his own melodies. I was pleasantly surprised. But I haven't commented, I didn't want him embarrassed and to stop.
But today during my co-op day at preschool I figured out why.  HE SINGS!  He sings all the songs, loud and clear, he does the actions, he smiles.  Yea, thank goodness for preschool, thank you Ms. Patti.  He is one of the better singers if you will allow me to brag.  (Not musically, just enthusastically.)
I'm so relieved to know its not him, its our primary.  Its ok I'll forgive you Primary, we are a lay ministry after all, you try, but you aren't succeeding, by the fact that no one under six sings. I'm so relieved, you have no idea how I've worried over the last 10 months, why my little boy who loved to sing stopped. He tells me the songs are too fast at primary.

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