Friday, October 8, 2010

Conference Baskets

Last weekend, I made my kids conference baskets, I got the idea from this blog-- Creative Holiday Gift Ideas.

As I was going through old blog posts the other day to make a blog book, I read a post saying, "I loved general conference as a child, it meant I didn't have to sit through sacrament meeting, I got to eat through the whole thing, and play with toys, while my parents said shh. I really have few memories other than my teenage brothers using my coloring books to pass the time." The point is, I don't expect my children to like General Conference for the Spiritual Insights for a decade or two, but I would like them to watch a session each day of conference during each semi annual experience. I would like them to be excited for the change in routine, so I figure what better way than games and treats?!  Which is why I couldn't resist making conference baskets.  I printed off a conference packet from Sugardoodle for each kid.  Got them crackers, and treats, and cups of water, scissors, crayons, pencils, and pez.  What more could I child want/need? (The point was they wouldn't bother me because they already had drinks and such.) Nan specially picked out a "duck" pez, Daisy Duck, she has never had her own pez dispenser, but J has a few, and she was so thrilled with the girl "duck", she said duck every time she saw it. They were both excited to use the toys and games in their baskets, and sat there quietly playing while conference was on TV in the same room. Then I put the baskets away until the next session. It was everything I could hope for as a mother of a almost two year old, and a four and half year old.  We all pointed out when the prophet was on. I deem it as a successful conference.

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