Tuesday, September 7, 2010


We went to Texas, just the kids and I, we made hubby stay home and work and go to school.
The kids had a grand time with their grandparents.  How did Grandpa know Nan loves to watch tv and cuddle, not to mention he added an iphone to the mix, what could be better for baby Nan.  This is grandpa that everyone tells me Nan looks like.
Did I mention grammy's house is so fun. 
If you go to Texas, you of course have to go to Sonic.  Maybe even twice!
Waiting to go swim.
Hooray for swimming.
Not sure why my kids decided to lay down on the tile floor after swimming.  Nothing like warming up under the a/c vent.
My son scaling the wall.
Hooray for TV time, apparently my kids thought Texas in the summer was cold.
Second Cousin Evie came to play.  These girls did a lot of parallel play and seemed to enjoy each others company.  I always thought Evie was super much older than Nan, but turns out they were born in the same year.  Then again, Evie was born before I got pregnant, it only takes 9 out of 12 months to cook.
My son instituted penny hunts, and grammy obliged. 
Let's not forget the trucks, they are super fun.
Say, "Ice Cream Top" , that's J's new picture phrase. Here we are leaving G and G at the airport.
If you are wondering why all the pictures were taken at my parent's house, and why my children did nothing other than play outside and go to sonic, it would because I spent half the time sick.

When we got home, we found a daddy with a beard.
Oh we missed him so.  The day before we left I told J I missed Daddy, and was excited to see him tomorrow.  Nan started squawking at me, until I looked at her.  She was emphatically shaking her head yes in agreement, she missed her daddy too.

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