Monday, September 20, 2010

Thoughts from Sunday

  1. I love being married to a good strong priesthood-holder. He without any reminder from me woke up and got to his 7 am Stake Priesthood meeting.
  2. He actually came home excited to tell me about a talk.  The main point was do hard things.  We now feel the incouraging push to stretch ourselves. Not just in the church, learn something new, do something hard... I have a few thoughts in my head about me personally.
  3. My daughter required constant parental care for all three hours of church today. I am extremely blessed to be married to a man who stays for two hours in nursery with his daughter, then spends the last hour holding an angry toddler, as he requires her to sit on his lap and not play in the hall.  All this being said, I quietly and peacefully sat in sacrament and listened to the excellent talks hoping my husband at least got to listen to part of them. (mind you before he took her out not only did she scream at least twice, she also bit my bracelet apart sending beads all over the place) More than anything I appreciate his support of my calling.  Since I could not teach the 5 year olds without him taking care of our daughter. 
  4. So the talks were excellent, and I also appreciate that I was able to quietly listen and be edified, while he and our daughter struggled outside:
Here are the three notes I took down:
    1. "Are we serving as much as we are receiving?  The speaker followed by say, I know myself I receive a lot."  When I first heard the question I thought oh the I'm not a needy ward member, the ward doesn't spend a lot of time serving me.  I'm good.  Then his follow up comment, made me realized receiving blessings.  The man speaking probably never receives service from the ward, he and his wife do way more service than me, he meant he receives more blessings than he could possibly pay back. (The man by worldly and church-y standards is very well blessed.)  After this I thought man I guess I need to bump up my service a notch. Because no matter how miserable I think the MBA is, the windows of heaven are open and pouring down more blessings than we have room to receive.  
    2. He also reminded us of the story of President Hinkley on his mission, when his father said, "Forget yourself and go to work"  That was a great follow up to what I have been thinking this past week, to be a MBA wife is hard for me, but I have been thinking I need to forget myself and go to work, in not so eloquent words.
    3. Next speaker was also great and quoted a lot from Elder Christofferson, talk in conference about scriptures. One thought I had was STUDY MORE.  When life gets hard study more.
    4. Next thought I had was fast for those who we are serving, or should be serving.

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