Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thought you should know

My husband went canoeing back in the middle of August, and said he wasn't going to shave for a week. I said fine. He came home, I was leaving in a day and half, I said you could grow it while we are gone. He did, and when we got back, Nan loved it! But then again she just loves her daddy. His hair is almost black, but not his beard, it had a lot of red in it, I guess that explains his redhead skin-- his ablitiy to burn like no other. He got lots of complements about it, and so reluctantly kept it and trimmed and such. He had it over a month, when he decided to shave it. Nan totally noticed the minute he came out smooth faced.
Like I said Nan loves her daddy, and she loves when he works at home, she loves to go sit on his lap when he is not on a conference call, and sit there quietly sucking her thumb chilling with daddy as he works. She sits with him for a good 20 minutes or so, then turns around and crawls down, coming back to greet him in another hour or so, for another daddy fix. The best daddy fix is when dolly is also there. (Needless to say, Dad took a break when I took the picture.)

When the heck did she get so big?  She looks like a toddler not a baby anymore! 
She is suppose to stay my baby for another two years.

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  1. He doesn't look like Brent. He doesn't even look like my dad with a beard. He looks scary to me, shave it off!