Tuesday, August 31, 2010

hallelujah antibiotics

Sunday night I was too sick to join my children in their evening prayers, my father told me that my four year old son prayed, that the wicked would be super sick, and we would be super healthy.   I can only assume that meant, get mama well, because she isn't wicked.  He has been praying for days that we would all be super healthy, because well who wants their mom sick. My son has learned the lesson, bad things happen to good people. Through prays mixed with antibiotics I have made a miraculous recovery.
Miraculous is definitely the word I was looking for, I felt so terrible on Sunday, the last time I remember feeling that terrible was the first time I was in labor.  Or when I (along with my husband and child) got the stomach flu when said child was 10 months old.  That was pretty bad too, but I think this staph was worse than the stomach flu, pain wise. I'm crude, morbid, and easily excitable, so I told my mother while in the depths of despair before I had been to the doctor, (by the way sorry for all you sensitive souls). I told her that I didn't think I was going to make it. I told her I thought she was going to be able to take care of my chidren just fine.  But then I started to think, poor Brent, he would be so lonely.  I told her just that too, she said, well maybe for his sake you should try to hold on. (She has been my mother for almost 26 years, she mostly ignores my antics, but sometimes she can't resist and bring me back to logical life.) I thought about my poor husband, and so I pulled myself together to go to the E-care center.  I have strep throat, I in all my memories I have never had strep throat, nor in my father's, but maybe just maybe I had it as a very small child, my mother's memories aren't that clear. Never in all my life have I been so thankful for antibiotics, seriously.  I'm not that big of a fan of antibotics, yes, they are needed in some cases, but only in some, like steph throat, or staph infection.  Yes, I was glad the antibotics stop the staph from entering my heart, like the doctor feared, but the staph I had was not painful, just slightly itchy.  The strep I had, was PAINFUL, oh my goodness, I love my antibotics, I gladly wake up at 2 am, to take them again.
But that does not mean I don't think they are anything short of a miracle.

I've learned some lessons from all this:
  1. Don't say you don't like help.  Don't say, the hardest part of the MBA for me, is that I have to allow people in the church to serve me, I would much rather be on the other end of things. Because life just might throw you a hard ball, and then you really can't take care of your children, for 2-3 days, because you physically can't.
  2. I'm sure glad I'm a stay at home mom.  There was nothing sadder that hearing my Nan, say, Ma Ma Ma, all the time, she missed me.  It would be so sad to miss so much.
  3. I should trust my instincts.  I knew I needed to go to the doctor by about 10 am on Sunday Morning, but yet for whatever reason I didn't trust my instincts, it was probably nearly 5 before I saw one.  I could have been on antibiotics earlier hours!
  4. The Lord does answer prayers, my father gave me a blessing Saturday night because I slept so poorly on Friday, I did not sleep well on Saturday, but I slept better.  Much BETTER, and that is the point! I had the faith. Especially, since I was way sicker Sunday, that Saturday, so I should have slept worse.
  5. If I could make it through this weekend of strep, I can make it through this next year of the MBA, some might think that sounds a little dramatic, but seriously, this weekend of strep was seriously as bad as labor.  Just like in the hospital, the nurse at the insta care place asked me to rate my pain level on a scale to 1 to 10, I said 7, seriously it was that bad. When I'm in labor, I don't know if I ever go past a 8, seriously my strep was that bad.  
  6. My husband misses me.  Oh course he misses me, but my husband is pretty steady, and doesn't show emotion, so yes, I know he misses me, but he doesn't show it.  Until something like this happens, then I can hear the concern in his voice.  So yes, I would have rather been not sick, than hear he misses me, but hey lets look at the bright side.  He misses me.  I miss him.
Anyway, I'm getting better, I'm loving my antibiotics.  I'm no longer feverish, I stopped thinking Texas was hot around last Thursday, and now I'm back to thinking its hot.  I'll join you dad when you turn down the a/c.  Yes, for a few days, I was sleeping with quilts on top of me, during August is Texas, I was definitely feverish.
Luckily no one else we know got the Strep, not my children, or anyone, and that is nothing short of a miracle. 

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  1. So glad you had medical intervention available for Strep! It is a doozy!