Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'm not fashionable/old lady

This post might be rude depending on your style, be forewarned.
Big colored leather purses have been in style for a couple of years now.  I can see the appeal of such size if you are a mother, or someone who carries a lot of stuff.  But I really don't understand teenagers with them.  This is officially an "old person" statement but when I was in high school, teeny little clutches with short straps were in style, girls would carry them with their backpacks since all they held were keys and a wallet, or they would just carry their books in their hand with the teeny purse on their shoulder.  At least this seemed to be the fashion with the country club children of North Texas.
Now every where you look is big wrinkly leather purses, seriously what does a 17 year old carry that would seriously warrant that big of a size unless she is carrying her textbooks in them.
Anyway I'm off topic, they have been stylist the last few years, and I have yet to make the jump.  Last spring I thought this is the year, I'm finally going to join in the fad.  I wanted a silver one, but first I wanted to spend the summer close to a pretty calico.  I would save my money and get one in the fall.  I bought a silver Nine West large leather purse, that would fit diapers and sippy cups and jackets.  Price tag said $79, I bought it for $25 at Ross.  But the more I looked at it the more it looked like something out of the sitcom Golden Girls.  See this is the problem with this fad, I remember playing with my grandma and my mom's old big leather purses when I was a small child in the late 80s.  They would pull them out of their closets and I would play with them.  That's what we like to do in my maternal line, save all our old purses in the back of our closets.  So I returned the silver one, and bought a purple one, I love purple and love that purple is in style and not lilac, I dread pastels coming back. I hate the purple one too, I'm returning it.  Instead I bought a $12 bag from walmart made from gray jersey knit with silver sequences.

Apparently I'm not ready to embrace the big leather old lady bag. Which isn't entirely true, I know I think some are cute, but I don't think its worth it to shop around looking for one, I should stick with what I found, I'm think... who knows....

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