Friday, September 10, 2010

Told you no rest

After lunch and stuff, we left to go camping.  My parents own some property, which is undeveloped, and my husband decided it was high time to go camping there, not to mention he invited his previous mentioned sister and family. This is what we saw as we drove in the Valley the back way. 
All growing up, I heard the plan was for my parents to retire up here.  For the past few years that seems like a long shot, I was definitely not encouraging them to.  But then again I hadn't seen the property in the summer.  Its 7 acres, or something, I don't know.  And its great, not to mention their neighbors have been very nice, there is a rope swing, and a fire pit.  Needless to say, now I'll totally be encouraging them with their original retirement plans.  I figure the first day my dad retires, or the day after my little brother starts Texas medical school as a instate student, they should put their house for sale and start building.  A small three bedroom, two bath house, one story house, with an unfinished basement.  My mom would love camping out in her backyard with her grandkids while they came to visit.  And my dad might only set up the tents then go back inside and sleep on his nice comfortable bed. Then my mom and her grandkids would spent all day playing in the brook in the backyard.
Heres the pictures of our no rest fun. There is a nice creek/stream/raging river (I assume) after a heavy year of snowpack melting in the spring.  Which meant there was tons and tons of nice smooth rocks to play with.
But right now, its a great creek, J had a blast finding all the different places to cross it.
In case you were confused on the temperament of my second child, here is a reminder.  Yes, it person she makes more noise than a picture conveys. She also wasn't happy in the middle of the night, and did this plenty.
Luckily her daddy is far more patient than I could expect with her.
Yea!, the cousins arrived.
We are minimalist campers, so normally we don't have a campfire, but hey its about community right?  Anyway, camping with cousins seems like the perfect time for a campfire, plus it was cold.  Luckily my husband has been a scout master, he had those twigs all ablaze and roaring within minutes. Plus he now has the beard to prove it.
Look to my surprise someone took a picture of me! Hooray I was there.
Breakfast the next morning,
Some more river fun, everyone but the moms and the infant waded in what I would assume would be freezing water.
Like I said, nice neighbors who built a rope swing for my parents.
So ok, who is with me, does this look like a great place to go visit grammy?  Can we convince grandpa to leave his pool?  Aren't you ready mom and dad? The question is before or after the mission?

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