Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Literature in Life

I'm pretty finicky about where I sleep.  Sort of, I have no problem sleeping outdoors, but if I'm inside I want a nice mattress.  Some how when we were dating Brent found out about my finicky ways.  I have no idea how he learned my secret, I'm sure my blunt, this mattress is uncomfortable had nothing to do with it. Ever since he has called me the princess and the pea.  When our daughter was born with reflux he assumed it is was inherited. Not her gag reflux, I have practically have none, her picky sleeping habits. We couldn't get her to sleep in the crib, we could only get her to sleep if she was sleeping at the top of the mattress.  Brent was sure she had inherited her princess and the pea habits.  It turns out our mattress is crappy, and has a bow in the middle, so it provided her with a slight incline to sleep on, thus helping her keep her dinners and midnight snacks down.   Once we realized this, we put her bed at in incline, and she almost was content.  In an effort to not have TOO many toys, I like to buy my kids books for their birthdays.  I bought her Princess and the Pea for her first birthday, it seemed a good way to happily summarize the first year of her life.
Well we are on the town hill stretch of the second year of her life, and she has changed story book characters.  Her hair has grown in the last year (almost) and it is blonde, but not only blonde but quite yellow blonde. The more time she spends in the sun the more yellow it goes.  She has many cousins and second cousins on my side with light baby blonde hair, but none have the yellow she has. If my husband isn't calling her "crazy town" you might here a Goldilocks reference in her direction.  A while back we were discussing her gold-y tress, and we decided we wouldn't put it past our Nan to go into some bears house, eat their food, sit on their chairs, try on their spare shoes, and then finally fall asleep in someone else bed as long as she has her trusted blankets ribbons rubbing her nose.  Yes, we can see some similarities that go past the gold-y locks.  So if you attend birthday parties at my house, don't be surprised if you know her present before she opens it.  (I know her birthday is still three months away.)
But its good don't you think, to relate your life to fictional characters?  
I mean my niece likes to clean like a princess.

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