Thursday, September 9, 2010

Spiritual High

I feel like we are riding around a Spiritual High of late.  (Disclaimer, this doesn't not me, we have had fantastic dinners with homemade bread, this does not mean my kids haven't spent too much of the day crying, this does not mean life has resembled perfect at all.)
Recently we have had the opportunity to take J's little friend to Primary with us.  He has never been to primary/nursery before, or any church other than the last 45 minutes of sacrament meeting, for the last few months.  I feel so useful. It was great, and J and his friend looked so cute in their black pin striped slacks, white button up shirts, and different gray ties, I wish I would have had a camera to take a picture of them looking like mini missionaries. Which is what J was-- a missionary taking his friend to primary.  We are also going to start bringing another friend who hasn't attended primary regularly in almost a year.  Its great, although I'm worried about having responsibility over three active four years olds, and hope other teachers see the missionary spark, and don't frown at their extra work.
The first little boy in fact happened to be at our house playing on Monday night, so we did Family Home Evening with the little boy (sure we miss, but I try hard not to). (The little boy who has never really attended church.) We had J conduct, and he did a good job. We started with songs, and my wise husband suggested head shoulders knees and toes, because every child whether they have been to primary or not knows that song.  (Yes, we always sing three or four action songs for the opening song in family home evening, remember the audience.) When J said he wanted to say the prayer, his friend said I don't know how to pray, I said well ok, fold your arms, you know how to do that and J will say it.  Sure I might have said, we'll teach you, but J would have been mad.  There is time for everything right? Who knows, maybe I did it wrong, judge me if you must. Then we had our lesson, over the weekend J asked to have a Family Home Evening lesson on Labor Day Monday about being nice and not nice.  So we of course obliged, and the boys did an excellent job of telling us lots of not nice things. I asked why we need to be nice, J paused and said because Jesus wants us to.  Correct, the friend, looked blank, so after a few more examples of not throwing couches on people, I asked the friend if he knew who Jesus was?  He paused, then said, oh yes, I remembered, he's... and I was about to tell my husband to explain it to the little boy, when I found myself not needing his help, and explaining just enough to the little boy before he attention went back to not hitting people over the head.  (My husband served a mission and I did not, he seems better at explaining elementary religious concepts than me).  We finished up with treats, and not even a half hour had past. Family Home Evening was a success. 
The point of all this, is Missionary work has been thrusted upon me, and I'm grateful.  Apparently, we have been blessed, because we had a lost library book.  I really didn't want to pay for it, but I didn't know where in the world it could be I thought I returned them all.  I've already renewed it once, I figured the time had come to paid the pied piper, but first I was going to look through the bookcases.  In the middle of the first bookcase search, I said a prayer that I would find the book.  As I search the bookcase I thought I should look behind Js bed.  I didn't even recognize it as the spirit, but as I pulled out all sorts of small toys, I found the book!  Hooray, I made sure to tell J that I found the book as an answer to prayer.  But he soon forgot about the spiritual nature of the experience and was profoundly impressed that I could pick up the mattress and move it.  To each their own.  I've never had a primary experience like that before, it was cool, to have enough faith as a four year old.  You know?!  Hopefully, our other four year old neighborhood friends, want to keep coming to primary with us.

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