Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I'm afraid my babies are growing up..  I mean obviously, but can't they stay these ages forever.  But wouldn't it be fun if we're always running around like crazy, camping every weekend with our Red Subaru.  Life would be fabulous huh?  If that was the the case, except without the MBA.
I love the freedom of our apartment, but I'm having a hard taking J to school.  Its in the middle of a gorgeous old neighborhood, with lots of little kids.  Its farther east than my house, and I'm pretty sure if I found a house there, in my price range I would never leave.  Which is a new fear all in itself, if I bought I might never go explore the world.
Last month we resigned our lease.  It was a terrible experience, we have never lived anywhere for more than 14 months, and now we will stay here for 24.
But yet school ends for my husband next July, then the world is open to us.  So essentially we have no plans, so I had to set a plan.  I came up with it in the shower, the best place for plans.  Next fall, I'm enrolling in a night class for Spanish. I've taken lots of spanish over the years as a child, so hopefully I'll pick it up quick.  My husband has wanted me to take spanish again for a long time now. Now the tables will be turned, he'll put the kids to bed, and I'll go to class, although only one night a week.

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