Thursday, September 30, 2010

Toys and Guilt?

Did you know toys bring me great guilt in life?  I could go on and on about all the reasons, but I'll just pick a few for this post.
Tricycles! My number one guilt. When my son was two, he had a plastic riding toy, but not a tricycle with pedals.  My mother offered to buy him a respectable bike, but I told her no.  I didn't need help, I was picking and choosing what we bought.  I had more self control in those days.
Fast forward two years, and my neighbor taught  my son to pedal his bike, because we had no success with him.  All this I know emotional blame on his lack of tricycle. I should have remedied the situation at some point, but he just seemed too old to now buy a trike.  So I bought my daughter a trike before she probably needed one.  But then crazies of crazies I bought a pink barbie one instead of a unisex Deigo one.  I don't know what I was thinking.  So now my son rides a pink barbie one.  And speaking of crazies of crazies this won't even the thing he complains to his therapist some day, it will be something I didn't even know was wrong.  The barbie trike is a a coveted toy, one of my son's friends always asks me to bring it out so he can ride it. (In retrospect I don't think his lack of pedaling has anything to do without a trike.)

Anyway, so as you can see toys can make an emotional wreck.  For a while I kept telling me husband we just need these toys, then we'll be set.  I thought my son need one of each pretend.  Then I realized that was crazy and my rentals couldn't house such madness. But the one thing I feel guilty about other than tricycles is music toys.  My son wants a xylophone desperately, and he has always wanted a little trikes drum, but it is so expensive, $20?  Anyway, I guess I should suck it up and buy them someday, before its too late.

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