Thursday, September 30, 2010

Time Passing

Are you one of those lucky people with a hypersnesitive awareness of time's speed?  Elizabeth Gilbert in Eat Pray Love, discusses it on page 153.  I have this hypersensitive awareness of time, I always think my four year old is one day away from being an adult.  And he is, I remember being four and now I'm an adult.  My grandma told me, told me don't wish their life away.  I try not to, but I struggle if my son isn't a baby life is over, next thing you know we are all dead.  I really struggle after family reunions and other such things, so its so fun, but before you know it its over, so I wonder why we ever leave our house anyway?
If it all ends so quickly why even attempt.  I know my mom struggles with my discouraging outlook, but I can't help it is the way my brain thinks.  At least I don't let it take captive, I do go on vacation, I do go spend time with family and friends. But I'm prone to negative realism, I just can't help it.

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