Saturday, September 18, 2010

Date Night/Birthday Dinner

We have a babysitter, at least until December when she might move out of her aunt's apartment again. So tonight we went out and used a birthday coupon.  I don't even want to know how much my husband put on his credit card even with my being meal free. The didn't bring me free ice cream but still made me stand on a chair. But nonetheless, it was so nice to go out on a date with my husband, and for my birthday for no less.  Now I know the cool thing to do is to take pictures of your hubby and self on dates, so you can show everyone the fun you had just like when you take the kids to the museum or what not.  I even brought a camera, but I couldn't do it, my husband and I are just not that.... something, whatever adjective should go there. Me, pre-husband days, yes, me with husband, no, he has mellowed me out what, can I say.  Its a blessing, I don't make a fool of myself as often, at least when he is around.
Anyway, back to the day, since the Dew Tour was in town, we took the train to the restaurant we didn't want to deal with parking with that large of a gathering.  We could definitely tell the Dew tour were across the street, there was definitely A LOT of punks wandering around, young and old.  We watched part of the Dew Tour on TV, they were doing some awesome stuff it would have been cool to attend some events since they were so close to home, but atlas I knew they were in town, and I knew it wasn't in the stars to attend with my dearly beloved skater boy.  Yes, I married a skater you didn't know that?  We have three skateboards in the laundry room, Jackson thinks Uncle Brent is the coolest because he can do a kick flip.  But once again I'm off topic.
My birthday date tonight, but my birthday is not for 8 days, but I didn't want to miss my chance, we took the train, ate too much, and hiked around the mall, booking it as fast as we could to stop to look at the stuff we thought about buying but didn't end up buying. (I really ate too much I didn't know if I was up to such powerwalking after such over eating but I survived) We never end up at a mall, especially without kids this was our chance, anyway, we didn't buy anything.  We came back an hour later than we told the babysitter, we had a great time, my husband shaved before the date, because his beard was bothering him.
So the point of all this is I love going out with my husband and don't do it nearly enough, but find it quite expensive when I do.  Not to mention the kids see him even less than me, and have a hard time taking him away from them more than once a month.  But I do try to go out with him at least once a month.
My birthday is looking to be great, my husband and son went shopping for a present for me today, then dinner and date, life is good.  But the problem with spending time with Brent is it makes me giddy and then I write really long twitter-pated posts about nothing in general, because I want to chronicle my time with him.

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