Friday, September 10, 2010

No rest for the wicked

I'm not sure about that title, but my dad called his bishop while I was at his house, and instead of quoting "no rest for the weary", he said no rest for the wicked. I guess that is me. Anyway, there is definitely no rest around here, did a mention the other day one of my other brothers texted my little brother to tell me to stop drinking so many red bulls. I don't drink enegry drinks, but he was commenting on my husband's and I's busy fun filled schedule. So I got back from Texas on Friday afternoon, by Saturday evening, the car was packed all the way up again, and we were driving two cars to the airport. My sister in law and her family were coming back, and needed a ride, we dropped off our car said hello, and sped off into the sunset. By the time we reached by brother in laws house, it was dark, and my oldest was asleep. 
The reason we were there? My nephew was getting the priesthood, and so we attended. I thought my nephew seemed pretty lucky, his father ordained him, in a circle, with both of his grandpas, and two of his uncles (his father's brothers). I thought it was neat. Anyway, the new deacon is the one holding his scriptures.
These two blonde beauties were all about holding their grandma's hand. Although they did not cooperate for the cute picture I was going to take.

Nan was so happy to be back with a grandma, she kept looking at her saying, ma, ma, Ma is the only word she says consitentently and while in Texas she realized grandma, ends with ma. So she now has three for four for five mas in her life.

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  1. What a super busy weekend. Sorry we missed you.
    My little guy calls his dad, "MOM". When he says that and if I say, "what" the kids clarify and tell me he wants his other mom. So now we are starting to call Mike the, "other mom". :)