Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Golden Birthday

Ok, so Blogger is really retarded and the post originally had pictures that worked, I don't know what happened, but I re-uploaded them.

I turned 26 on the 26th. I had never heard of this phrase of golden birthday until I was in activity days as a leader the first time, but none the less here I am. I was super exhausted and look so in these pictures. I look terrible! My birthday was sunday, and we did the Primary Program that morning, so that is my excuse, its a lot of work to take care of the 4-7 year olds of the ward for three hours. I usually need a nap after only two. My son gave his first talk in sacrament meeting, and did a steller job. Apparently Brent, Uncle Daniel, and Aunt Brittany, heard hushed awes all around after he finished. But back to the birthday, the only reason I inculded this shot was because J is holding a picture of me, that he drew. I'm sitting at the table, and the marks for the table look suprisingly like my hair in this shot, so I had to include it.
My husband did a fantastic job of taking care of me this year, did way more than I expect him to. My son bought me a bacon cooker but then told me he really wanted to buy me more tuperware, but dad wouldn't let him. Wise, I don't want more tuperware.
Hooray for presents, I love presents.
Then we had cake. It is one of the ugliest cakes I've ever made. I made a spice cake, and I had never made carmelized frosting before, I did a terrible job, and couldn't frost the cake worth beans. Then as we were eating, my brother and I remembered that my mom doesn't make spice cake double layered. Even if it was a sheet cake, my frosting needs pratice. That being said, at least I got to use my birthday cake pedastol that grandma bought everyone a few years back. Can you see how my candles form 26?

One last thought.  My brother's birthday is in August, my birthday is in the end of September.  He always got a swim birthday party.  I never did, the pool always got cold one or two weeks too early.  (Why we never did my birthday party two weeks early is beyond me or my mom.) But this year, thanks to a super hot Indian Summer, and a heated pool I got to swim on my birthday with my family.  Ok, not really, because we don't swim on sunday, but I swam on Saturday with them.  And well that is the first saturday of my birthday week in my life that I have been swimming.  It was trilling, life complete-ing, and you know what even with water up to 80, and it hot outside, I complained I was too cold.


  1. Where are these pictures you refer to? I'm glad you had a good birthday. I hope Josh is ready to give his talk again because I want to hear it next time I see you guys. By the way, I like the new format of your blog.

  2. Yeah for golden birthdays! love your sweet daughter screaming in the first picture, you poor thing. Hey, why in the world are you making your own birthday cake...so NOT allowed????!!!! Why was your husband not doing that or buying you one? Glad you got to swim!