Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Revisiting the Old-- Potty Training

No I have not started to potty train, despite my daughter's wishes. Yesterday just to be prepared, I bought teeny undies, and training pants.  But I was firm that it wasn't happening until after our trip without daddy to grammy's.  Then I talked to grammy, and told her: Nan tells us when she wets her dry diaper, she signs potty, and yesterday (Monday) she brought me the diapers and wipes.  So I changed her, I was surprised to find a not dirty diaper.  Then five minutes later she had a dirty diaper, I wished I knew that was what she was going to do.  I wished I had the little potty out. 
But only slightly I'm not potty training until after vacation.  Yes I'm aware now that I will be potty training before my birthday but not before an airplane trip.
My mother told me, let her sit on a potty if she wants, just don't potty train her.  She told me Nan will get frustrated if she is trying to communicate and I ignore her. Ok, true, and you don't want a child upset about potty training before she starts.  So then that evening, I showed everyone new training pants.  Nan was all about them, something new that is pink!  So I pulled some on above her diaper. She was so happy. Then we put the other two pairs from the pack on her head.  And when a toddler looks like this you know its only a matter of time before life as you know it is over.

She kept the training pants on top of her diaper for the rest of the evening, but took the ones of her head.  She complained all evening about her wet diaper.  Then it was time for bath.  For probably eight months now, I start the water, then take off her clothes and her diaper, and she stands there naked until its time to get in.  Never once has she peed.  By this point the little potty was out, just so she could get use to it.  We started the bath, I pulled of her diaper, but left the training pants around her knees.  I asked if she wanted to sit on the little potty she told me no, but then she pottied all down her legs. It was so funny I thought that it was the only day she has ever peed before the bath.  So at least now she knows what it feels like to have it run down her leg.
This morning, she was so upset when I put a diaper on, I don't know if she was expecting training pants or what? She tried to pull it of, and screamed, but the diaper stayed on.

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