Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lessons from the Old Testament

Since we are doing the MBA our blessings are so thick we can see them with our eyes not just with our heart.
We recieve so many blessings the air is thick with them (in a good way).
But the Old Testament has taught me something.
I told my husband last night when we grow up and become rich and fabulous let's not "lift our heart up to [our] destruction" paraphrased from 2 Chronicles 26:16
I would prefer not to "transgress agaisnt the Lord [our] God".
But really that's just me.

On a completely side note, I think I might be going crazy, at least feverish.  Every night I struggle falling asleep, but am completely exhausted. I startle awake a few times, finally falling asleep to wake up very groggy in the morning. Last night I did feel like I had a low grade fever, I was cold and felt like I was throwing a fit, but I honestly have no idea. During the day once my daughter goes down for a nap, I go pass out on the couch.  So exhausted I can't stand it.  Then wake up foggy feeling, in which I write a really weird blog post.  See yesterday, and the following Friday.  I even took naps on Saturday and Sunday, I never nap on Saturdays.  My previous blog post could use some editing, but oh well, what is published is published, and I'm just keeping it real right? Like I said I might be going crazy.  What a better time than to prepare to go backpacking with small children.  Four people's stuff on two people's back.  The children might be small but require just as much stuff as adults.

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